Bryan Cranston plans to retire from acting and revealed his reasons

Bryan Cranston plans to retire from acting and revealed his reasons

The actor who gained worldwide relevance with his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad has had a 40-year career.

After performing on stage and screen for over 40 years, bryan cranston he is ready to take on a new role: full-time husband. The actor, who is starring in the upcoming movie of Wes Anderson, Asteroid Cityhe told british gq that in 2026 he plans to temporarily retire from both acting and his business so that he can spend more time with his wife, robin dearden.

“I want to change the paradigm once more,” he told the outlet. “For the past 24 years, Robin has led her life holding on to my tail. She’s been the most, been the wife of a celebrity. She’s had to twist and adjust her life around mine. She benefits greatly from it, but we’re uneven. I want to level that. She deserves it.”


Cranston and Dearden met on the set of airwolf in 1986 and began dating a year later. The couple, who married in 1989, are parents to a daughter, Taylor Dearden.

As part of your new era, Cranston revealed that he will close his production company, Moonshot Entertainment, and sell his share of his mezcal company Dos Hombres, which he co-founded with Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul.. He and Dearden will then move to a foreign country (probably France), settle in a small town, and spend their days brushing up on their language, gardening, and cooking skills.

“I want to have that experience,” he said. “I want to go on day trips and build a fire in the fireplace and drink wine with new friends and not read scripts.”

The actor, who will be 70 at the time, noted that his retirement will last at least six months and, during that period, he will be completely offline. “It’s not going to be like, ‘Oh, I’ll read and see what I’m going to do.’ No, it’s a pause. It is a stop, ”he explained. “I will not think about [el trabajo]. I will not receive phone calls.”

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