“The happiest day”: the song that L-Gante released while he was still detained

“The happiest day”: the song that L-Gante released while he was still detained

THE HAPPIEST DAY – L-GHANT – Prod. Negro Dub / DT Bilardo

In the video clip that came out at the same time as the song, her ex-partner Tamara Báez, her daughter Jamaica, her mother and friends.

“My body is complete, but my heart is in pieces“, “one day I would like to get married and have a wife, and that no person is traitor to me“, “my mom taught me very valuable things and I plan to do the same with Jamaica”, are some of the phrases of the song, which has already accumulated 340,000 views on the artist’s YouTube channel.

In other prominent parts of the song, the artist says: “I was sold hell, I bought it and I sold it too“, “It doesn’t matter the fame or the account that I have with seven zeros or the cats that for a moment I took to the telo or the drug nor the irons with full chargers” and “My compas who are in heaven, wait for me with a joint and a pitcher of ice”, dedicated to his friend and colleague El Noba, who died in June 2022.

L-Ghent arrested: what was he accused of?

The singer L-Gante was arrested this Tuesday by the Buenos Aires Police in the country Banco Provincia accused of the crime of threats and illegitimate deprivation of liberty.

According to police sources, a series of procedures were carried out on properties owned by the artist in the towns of Carlos Keen, the Bicentenario neighborhood of General Rodríguez and in the country Provincia, Francisco Álvarez, Moreno district, where the young man from 23 years.

Elián Ángel Valenzuela, known as L-Gante, denied the accusations against him and gave a “detailed explanation” when he was investigated this Thursday.

Source: Ambito

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