Tallulah Willis: How She Beat Her Eating Disorder

Tallulah Willis: How She Beat Her Eating Disorder

Tallulah Willis suffered from an eating disorder and at one point weighed 43 kilos. Now she posts photos proudly showing off her healthy body.

She has been fighting an eating disorder for years, at times starving herself down to 43 kilos. But now Tallulah Willis (29), youngest daughter of Bruce Willis (68) and Demi Moore (60), seems to have overcome the worst time: on which she shows how positively her body has changed.

“Look at my fit body!”

Below the images is a screenshot of a photo she previously posted in a group chat. It shows off her slim, fit stomach and torso. “Look at my healthy body!” She writes. For comparison, she posts an earlier picture in which she looks emaciated, her arms skinny, her face hollow-cheeked.

“I love her, and I love her, and I know how brave she’s been,” Tallulah writes, along with the hashtags “edrecovery” (eating disorder cure) and “iloveme.” The post received almost 14,000 likes, with many fans congratulating the 29-year-old on her success in battling the disease. “Stay strong,” writes one. And another: “You look so healthy and beautiful.”

reported on her therapy at the “Driftwood Recovery Clinic” in Texas, to which her parents sent her in June 2022.

“I got to know a number of new therapies,” she wrote at the time. “My medication has been adjusted and I’ve received a new diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s a condition that affects the ability to regulate emotions.”

After four months she left the clinic and she felt much better. “I realized that it wasn’t about harmony with my body, but about harmony with my family.”

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