The hard time that Jorge Martínez is going through: with health problems and homelessness

The hard time that Jorge Martínez is going through: with health problems and homelessness
August 24, 2023 – 09:53

The renowned actor faces different problems that have been revealed in the last few hours.

According to information shared in the program Controversy in the Bar(America), the renowned actor Jorge Martinez He is going through health problems and a difficult economic moment. She is currently residing at the Casa del Teatro.

Marcelo Polino, one of the panelists of the cycle, was the one who shared the news, highlighting the difficult economic situation facing the actor. “Jorge Martínez, an actor that we love very much, and that I have interviewed a lot throughout these 30 years, is living in the Casa el Teatro due to a difficult economic situation of not being able to face a reality and perhaps without the physical possibilities of going out to a place to work therePolina said.

This revelation came after another actor, Pablo Alarconwas found working for nothing in a plaza in Recoleta, since, according to what he pointed out, at the age of 76, since he did not have a stable job in theater or on television, he had to adapt to presenting himself in this way to reach the public and obtain money. in exchange “to be able to live”.

Jorge Martinez’s health

When Polino was asked if Martínez had physical problems, he stressed: “His health is a little deteriorated and he is having difficulties doing a work in a square in the middle of winter,” without giving more details about it. For his part, Alarcón, a close friend of Martínez, confirmed that the actor has “some health problems”. However, he stressed that is under the care of Linda Peretz and the team at Casa del Teatrowho do an admirable job supporting artists.

“I grew up making notes for him, he was the husband of Verónica Castro at one point, of Raffaela Carrá. He starred in the great novels of this country”Polino continued about the actor’s past, an iconic figure on Argentine television, starring in great soap operas and series, who was also successful in Mexico.

La Casa del Teatro is an institution that provides support to artists in vulnerable situations, offering a space for residence and care. The work of this institution is essential to guarantee the well-being of those artists who, due to various circumstances, require a space for containment and support.

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