Australia: Headmistress sentenced to 15 years for abuse

Australia: Headmistress sentenced to 15 years for abuse
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A court in the Australian city of Melbourne ruled on the sentence on Thursday. The 56-year-old was found guilty of 18 charges, including six counts of rape, in April, according to the verdict.

The devout woman had been head of the Melbourne school for several years until 2008. According to the broadcaster ABC Australia, the accusation was based, among other things, on the statements of two sisters who were students of the woman between 2004 and 2007. They had accused the former headmistress of repeatedly sexually abusing her on campus, during school camps and at her home. The former manager “exploited the defenseless girls to abuse them for their own sexual gratification,” the verdict said.

The native Israeli was extradited to Australia by the Israeli authorities in 2021 after years of legal tug-of-war. When the allegations became public, the mother of eight fled to Israel to avoid prosecution. The case had also strained Israel’s relations with Australia at times.

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