Silvina Luna’s family does not want more medical reports: what is the reason

Silvina Luna’s family does not want more medical reports: what is the reason
August 25, 2023 – 12:01

The model remains hospitalized in intensive care, facing a complicated state of health as a result of an alleged malpractice.

It’s been almost three months since Silvina Luna He was admitted to the Italian Hospital due to a relapse in his symptoms of hypercalcemia and renal failure as a result of malpractice by the doctor Hannibal Lotocki. And while she is battling for her life, the model must face the entry of another disease into her body.

as confirmed Andrea Taboada on the air of DDM on Tuesday, August 22, inside the health center where she is treated and although she is under control, it was her relatives and close friends who expressed concern about the contact she has with other diseases and that they may well be a setback against the small advances.

After Fernando Burlando to talk to TN about it and express her opinion about the risks that Luna runs inside the hospital due to the state she is in, it was her friend and former Big Brother partner who, sitting in LAM, delved into Silvina’s harsh present.

Angel de Brito He remarked on the air that, unlike previous days, there is no medical part of the place where the press can access and that, now, even Ezequiel, the brother of the Rosario actress, answers his messages.

The reason why Silvina Luna’s family no longer gives medical reports

Ximena Capristo From his close relationship with the family, he explained: “What happens is that he wants to shield everything, because she is a little better, like everything goes up and down. You cannot give a daily report because it is not always the same”.

“Within her painting, she is improving day by day and what Taboada said about Covid and others, which came from the source of the Italian Hospital, I understand that she is vaccinated and others, like it is also something mild. It’s not that she made it worse,” the former Big Brother continued.

From what de Brito stated: “The same in that state, it is one more complication.” Upon hearing it, Capristo added: “They are all complications, also being in a hospital for so many months is also a complication. They give her dialysis. When they do that to her, she feels really good.”

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