Lacalle Pou was received by a demonstration in the act for Independence Day

Lacalle Pou was received by a demonstration in the act for Independence Day
August 25, 2023 – 12:14 PM

As in 2022, the lawyer and activist Gustavo Salle received the presidential entourage with claims against UPM and the vaccination against the coronavirus.

President Luis Lacalle Pou went to the department of Florida together with other government authorities to commemorate the Independence Day of Uruguay, but was received by a demonstration led by the lawyer and activist Gustavo Salle, as it happened in 2022. The project of the Finnish company UPM and the vaccination program against Covid-19 were the claims that were repeated, to which situational issues were added.

Salle’s presence was once again an element in the official act for the 198th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and some of the flags and banners raised by the demonstrators were not news to those present. Many others, however, evidenced what seems to be a climate of the time: the call against the “political caste”, in line with the speech of the Argentine presidential candidate, Javier Miley, criticism of the traditional political system.

“I am talking about the ministers, the deputies and the senators, no one can approach the people. Let’s see which deputy, which senator, which hierarch, comes here to refute the arguments respectfully expressed in accordance with article 29 of the Constitution of the Republic. not even the cardinal (Daniel) Sturla he was encouraged to come here to have a conversation. This is the strength we have, the strength of the people are the arguments that you cannot refute,” Salle exclaimed through a megaphone, at Piedra Alta.

A path of freedom and prosperity

The person in charge of the speech on behalf of the Executive Power, this year, was the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Azucena Arbeleche, who chose the concept of freedom as the main axis for his words. In this sense, and after reviewing the country’s independence process, the hierarch pointed out that “we are at the beginning of a virtuous process, of a Uruguay more credible, which generates more investment, employment and opportunities. On these built foundations we seek to continue advancing on the path that allows compatriots to achieve greater freedom and prosperity”

Likewise, the minister focused on the economy, particularly in the more positive figures of the current administration of the Multicolored Coalition, headed by Lacalle Pou: “There are 116,000 more employed people compared to 2019. Not only was the employment lost in the pandemic, but the 52,000 destroyed in the past five years. In addition, formality increased and seven out of 10 jobs created were in the interior. He actual salary It is already at levels similar to the pre-pandemic and we estimate it will continue to rise in the coming years. The inflation is at the lowest level since November 2005,” he listed.

In the background, throughout the event, the incessant screams of the demonstrators led by Salle were heard.

Source: Ambito

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