Berlin public prosecutor’s office: Investigations against Till Lindemann stopped

Berlin public prosecutor’s office: Investigations against Till Lindemann stopped

The investigations into Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann have also been discontinued in Berlin. This was announced by the musician’s lawyers.

The investigations by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (60) have been discontinued. This emerges from a press release by Lindemann’s lawyers, who represent and will continue to represent him in the matter. According to the letter, this decision was made “due to a lack of sufficient suspicion”.

“What all complainants have in common is that their criminal complaints were not based on their own experience, but solely on the statements of Shelby Lynn, Kayla Shyx and the subsequent media reports,” it continues. Because the “complainers are not among the alleged victims of Till Lindemann, they are not entitled to appeal against the termination of the proceedings”.

Lynn from Northern Ireland stated in May this year that she “was drugged at a Rammstein concert in Vilnius (Lithuania) on May 23, 2023”. Shortly thereafter, influencer Shyx also made allegations in a YouTube video.

In one, it was announced on June 23, 2023 that there would be no preliminary proceedings against Lindemann. This decision was made “after proper investigation and evaluation of the data obtained to clarify the circumstances of the incident”.

This is how the investigations in Berlin came about

A press spokeswoman had confirmed to the news agency spot on news in mid-June that “due to several criminal complaints by third parties – i.e. persons not involved in any crime – and ex officio by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, investigations had been initiated against the musician.

It was therefore about “accusations in the field of sexual offenses and the delivery of narcotics”. Further information was not possible at the time, “in order not to endanger the ongoing investigations and to protect the personal rights of the potentially injured and the accused,” it said.

Source: Stern

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