Paris Jackson: Clear announcement for her father’s 65th birthday

Paris Jackson: Clear announcement for her father’s 65th birthday

On August 29, Michael Jackson would have been 65 years old. Daughter Paris shared memories of him on Instagram and made an announcement.

Paris Jackson (25), the only daughter of the music legend Michael Jackson (1958-2009), who died in 2009, combined her thoughts on her famous father’s 65th birthday with a clear statement about the hatred she is repeatedly shown on the Internet. On the occasion of the day of honor, a longer video that she recorded shortly after a concert with her folk band The Soundflowers.

Michael Jackson hated birthdays

In the clip, she first revealed that her father never celebrated his birthday while he was alive. She said: “When he was alive he hated anyone who reminded him of his birthday, wished him a happy birthday, celebrated it. Actually, he didn’t want us to even know when his birthday was because he didn’t want to that we’re throwing a party.”

“They tell me to kill myself”

This is also the reason why she does not comment on each of his birthdays on her social media channels, which always brings her the concentrated hatred of Michael Jackson superfans. “There were times,” she explained, “when I didn’t post anything for my dad’s birthday and people went insane. They told me to kill myself.” She added sarcastically, “Apparently if you don’t wish someone a happy birthday through social media, it means you don’t love them and don’t care about them.”

“I owe him everything”

However, the love for her father cannot be measured by her Instagram posts. To prove to her critics that she prefers other forms of tribute, in the video she presented a recording of the previous concert, in which she reminded the audience of her daddy’s birthday with cheers. She found more moving words: “He has spent 50 years of blood, sweat and tears and love and passion for what he has done so that I can stand here in front of you on stage and scream into a microphone. I owe him everything .”

In the comment on her post, she then urged her followers again: “Please do not use a man you have never met as an excuse to abuse, manipulate and abuse his daughter (whom you have also never met). to harass.” And added: “LOVE .”

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