Kiss scandal: Rubiales wants to relieve himself with this video

Kiss scandal: Rubiales wants to relieve himself with this video
Luis Rubiales (right)
Image: APA/Franck Fife

With the recordings, Rubiales wants to prove that the player Jennifer Hermoso, who he kissed on the mouth at the award ceremony after winning the World Cup final in Sydney on August 20, contradicts herself and is not telling the truth, wrote the digital newspaper “El Español”.

The video was quickly released by other media outlets in Spain on Wednesday. According to El Español, footage taken on the Spain team bus shows some players mocking the incident in a relaxed atmosphere. Hermoso can also be seen. She says to colleagues: “He was moved and everything. He comes and touches me like that.” Several players shout “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss”, among other things. As Rubiales passes them, some chant “Presi, Presi, Presi”:

Rubiales insists the kiss was consensual. However, Hermoso said after the incident that she “felt the victim of an impulsive, sexist and inappropriate act that I did not consent to.” FIFA suspended Rubiales for 90 days and initiated disciplinary proceedings.

The Spanish sports court Tad is also dealing with the case at the request of the government in Madrid. Rubiales has so far refused to step down as president of the national association RFEF, although this has also been demanded by the regional associations of the RFEF, among others.

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