Bad Religion returns to the country: when and where it plays and how to get the tickets

Bad Religion returns to the country: when and where it plays and how to get the tickets

The legendary punk rock band Bad Religion announced this Wednesday his long-awaited return to the country, as part of his South American tour, which will also lead her to play in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

The show of the group that commands greg graffin It will be on Tuesday, November 28, at the Ferrocarril Oeste micro-stadium, located at 1240 Avellaneda Avenue, in the Caballito neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Where to buy tickets and how much do they cost?

The tickets were released in parallel to the announcement of the quintet’s return, so fans did not have to wait to purchase them.

They are for sale through the portal “Tuentrada” and They have a single price of $35,000, which rounds up to $40,000 with the service charge.

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Bad Religion, an emblem of punk

Bad Religion is one of the founding bands of the hardcore punk movement.. Throughout his career, he has visited Argentina numerous times, where he has thousands of followers.

During their landings in the country, they played on various stages such as the Teatro Flores, Lollapalooza, in 2016, and Luna Park, in 2019, together with The Offspring. That was his last visit to Buenos Aires.

In addition to the forcefulness of its sound, the Californian group founded in 1979 is characterized by including social criticism and human and philosophical issues in their lyrics.

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Greg Graffin, their singer, is also an anthropologist and university professor.

Bad Religion’s albums include Suffer (1988), No Control (1989), Recipe for Hate (1993), Stranger Than Fiction (1994) and The Process of Belief (2002), The Empire Strikes First (2004) and True North (2013), among others.

In this way, the punk band joins the squad of renowned artists that will visit Argentina during the second half of 2023.

The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Blur, Rod Stewart, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Morrisey, The Hives and Pulp are some of them.

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