It goes for everything: Talleres also wins in the Argentine Cup

It goes for everything: Talleres also wins in the Argentine Cup

Talleres de Córdoba beat Colón de Santa Fe 3-1 on penalties after equalizing in two and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa Argentina.

The goals for Talleres were from Ramón Sosa (12m. ST) and Gastón Benavídez (16m. ST) and in Colón they scored Tomás Galván (40m. ST) and Javier Toledo (35m. ST).

In the penalty shootout, Guido Herrera blocked two from Javier Toledo and Gian Nardelli and the third was missed by Alberto Espínola -he kicked him over the crossbar-; In addition, Luis Sequeira and Ramón Sosa failed in Talleres.

The Santa Fe team had missed six penalties in a row in matches and then added another three in 10 executions in the last half.

Colon He came out in full force, with many people on a good footing in attack and looking for different spaces for a disorganized defense from Cordoba, so it was not surprising that in the first section he was the absolute dominator of the actions, with two specific chances and a missed penalty in the second leg. feet of Ruben Botta (3m.PT).

With the passing of the minutes, Colon it lowered its intensity but maintained the premise of associating between those above, while Talleres began to show its offensive hierarchy, in a match without goals up to that moment and with various situations for both.

The prize for Colon came in closing when Tomas Galvan he faced Guido Herreraa bad game until the penalty shootout -he covered two-, and took advantage of a hasty departure from the goalkeeper to make it 1-0.

workshops he remembered and recalled his soccer genesis in the complement, which he came out with his usual verticality and speed that led him to be a protagonist in the Professional Soccer League. And that’s how he got the equalizer at the feet of Paraguayan Ramón Sosa.

The Cordovan gale continued and in just five minutes it turned it around after a counter with a large numerical superiority after the loss of exTalleres Favio Alvarez In his field. It is that six Talleres players escaped with half of the “Sabalero” defenders leaving. With a rebound in your favor, Gaston Benavidez scored the second goal.

Everything seemed to end in classification of workshops until the rookie entered javier toledolast pass through Sarmiento de Junín, and in the first he played he put the tie after a pivot and assist from Ramon Abila within the area.

Despite the push workshops failed to unbalance in the final minutes and figured out Ignacio Chicco before going to penalties.

In the next phase, Talleres will cross paths with the winner of Boca Juniors and Almagro, from the First National.

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