Prince Harry speaks of trauma and teases the Royal Family

Prince Harry speaks of trauma and teases the Royal Family

Prince Harry once again speaks about his mental problems and trauma. The son of King Charles III complains that he received no support after his time in the army in Afghanistan. in a new Netflix documentary.

The Invictus Games are Prince Harry’s pride and joy. In the new Netflix documentary “Heart of Invictus”, Duchess Meghan’s husband gives an insight into the games – and also into his own trauma.

Prince Harry in new Netflix documentary

Here Harry takes again against his family and the British press. As in his autobiography “Spare”, the 38-year-old indicates relatively unequivocally that he received no help after the death of his mother Diana. “Losing my mother at such a young age, I was never aware of the trauma that I had. It was never discussed and I didn’t really talk about it and shut it down like most other young people would have,” explains he. Just like when he was a child, after his time in Afghanistan he lacked the right help to deal with his experiences in the war.

“I had no support, no network and no expert advice to find out what was really wrong with me,” he says. In “Spare” he already described that therapies were not an issue in his family. However, Harry contradicts himself. As the “Daily Mail” reports, the prince thanked his brother William in 2017, who had encouraged him to get help. “For me personally, my brother – God bless him – was a great support. He kept saying that it’s not right, that it’s not normal, that you’re with [jemandem] have to talk about it being okay,” he said on a podcast at the time.

He talks to Archie about his dreams

The British press also gets its fat off again. In the Netflix documentary, the prince says the media in his home country ruined his mission in Afghanistan. The “Daily Mail” countered that too. Not the British newspapers, but a US magazine revealed at the time that the Royal was stationed in Afghanistan.

But Harry not only talks about his time in the war and his mental problems, but also about his job as a father. “When I talk to my son Archie about what he wants to be when he grows up, sometimes it’s an astronaut, sometimes it’s a pilot. But I remind him that it doesn’t matter what you want to be when you grow up, it’s yours character that counts the most,” he says.

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