Setback for his ex: Kevin Costner comes through in court

Setback for his ex: Kevin Costner comes through in court

Kevin Costner has to pay half the child support he used to have for his children. His ex had asked for a lot more.

Actor Kevin Costner (68) will reportedly pay $63,209 (about €58,500) a month in future child support. now firmly. According to the report, the “Yellowstone” star was granted his proposed amount after a two-day negotiation in Santa Barbara. His wife Christine Baumgartner (49), who lived separately from him, had apparently demanded much more.

Christine Baumgartner allegedly demanded more money

In July, according to US media reports, Kevin Costner was provisionally sentenced to make monthly payments of $ 129,755 (about 120,000 euros) to the mother of his three children Cayden (16), Hayes (14) and Grace (13). . Earlier this week, Christine Baumgartner reportedly filed a request to increase that amount to $175,057. She allegedly reduced that amount to $161,592 (about €150,000) during the trial, according to People magazine.

A luxurious life is “in the DNA” of the children, Baumgartner’s lawyer argued, according to a “People” report. He therefore listed the properties of the family and the various sports that the celebrity offspring are used to. It is much more than luxury, explained Christine Baumgartner herself about the life of her children. “It’s a lifetime experience”. According to “People”, she is said to have burst into tears.

separation in spring

Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce from Kevin Costner on May 1, 2023 – due to “irreconcilable differences”. The two married in September 2004. According to a court order, the former handbag designer had to leave the common house on July 31, 2023. The couple allegedly signed a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding, which spelled out spousal maintenance in the event of a separation.

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