Actor: Mads Mikkelsen on his favorite German word

Actor: Mads Mikkelsen on his favorite German word

German is a difficult language for the Dane Mads Mikkelsen: But he has a wonderful favorite word, the actor revealed at the Venice Film Festival.

The Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen occasionally speaks German in films – and reveals his favorite word in the language. It was the expression “stupid”, said the 57-year-old in response to a question from the German Press Agency in Venice. “I love that word, it’s so childish and funny.”

Mikkelsen can be seen in Nikolaj Arcel’s “Bastards” at the film festival. The competition entry tells the story of a soldier named Ludvig Kahlen who wants to make the Jutland heath fertile for the Danish king. He hopes to gain wealth and honor from it, but has to fight against fierce resistance.

Mikkelsen also briefly speaks German in “Bastarden”. He can speak the language a little, but was constantly being corrected by the German actors on the set. German is difficult, but makes him feel good, he said. “Germany is the big neighbor.”

Source: Stern

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