With an eye patch at the IAA: All eyes are on Chancellor Olaf Scholz

With an eye patch at the IAA: All eyes are on Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Chancellor Olaf Scholz joked about his own sports accident at the opening of the International Motor Show.

As is well known, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (65) fell last Saturday (September 2nd) while jogging in his hometown of Potsdam. Since then, the SPD politician has been aggressive with his injury, which currently requires him to wear an eye patch. So Scholz presented his new eye patch look himself yesterday, Monday, to get the population used to his temporary appearance before he resumed his official duties as usual at the beginning of the week.

Olaf Scholz jokes about injury: “Better take the car”

Since his jogging accident, Scholz, who often seems so relaxed, has also proven his ability to laugh at himself. After he had already written in his Instagram post just mentioned that he was “excited about the memes” about his eye patch look, the Chancellor declared today, Tuesday, during a speech at the opening of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich: “The weekend showed me once again personally: As nice as jogging is, for some distances it’s better to take the car.”

On Saturday evening it became known that Scholz fell while jogging. The 65-year-old suffered “bruises on his face”, according to a government spokeswoman. Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit (51) then said on Monday with regard to the Chancellor’s state of health. “He’s doing well considering the circumstances. He looks a bit battered.”

After he is said to have spent Sunday in his apartment in Potsdam near Berlin as a precaution, Scholz did not miss the opportunity to attend a series of official appointments the following Monday. The former mayor of Hamburg was spotted wearing an eye patch at the German Bishops’ Conference, in the Bundestag and at the summer party of the SPD party newspaper “Vorwarts”.

Source: Stern

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