Tug alarm in Klaffer am Hochficht

Tug alarm in Klaffer am Hochficht
In Linz, a tractor trip ended on August 27th.
Image: Kerschbaummayr

The story is the same almost every day, only the location changes: On Tuesday, the police again have to deal with a smuggler transport. Again the vehicle was on its way through the Mühlviertel.

In Klaffer am Hochficht, several people were dropped off a small truck, and the officials have now been able to pick up seven of them. It should again primarily be about Kurds. A total of up to 30 people are said to have been in the truck. Some of the smugglers are still on the run.

As early as Monday, the police noticed a van in the so-called “Saurüssel” on the B127 between Rottenegg and Lacken. The smugglers were able to escape, leaving a total of 38 people behind.

20 of them are Iraqi citizens, ten are from Turkey, seven of the abductees are Syrian citizens, and one man is from Afghanistan. Seven children – the youngest is only one year old – accompanied their parents on the perilous journey.

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