L-Gante charged against the friends who betrayed him with a strong message

L-Gante charged against the friends who betrayed him with a strong message
September 11, 2023 – 1:17 p.m.

The Cumbia 420 leader left a strong reflection against some people around him.

After more than 100 days in jail, L-Ghent He regained his freedom when he benefited this Friday from the cessation of his preventive detention and immediate release in the context of the case in which he is accused of illegal deprivation of liberty and threats.

Elián Ángel Valenzuela He celebrated the ruling with his fans and the press. “Being here is more than anything to reconsider and take advantage of the time to think in a good way, and that justice is always done,” said the musician. He considered that “I took advantage of this time I was here to toughen myself up mentally and take care of myself a little more, not give opportunities to bad things and mess with everything I like,” the singer expressed in statements to the press. And he closed with a phrase that symbolizes his musical style: “Cumbia 420 for the blacks.”

During the weekend, L-Ghent shared photos, comments or thoughts on their social networks. During the last few hours, the musician began a back-and-forth with his followers where he answered questions from his audience. “While in Cana, did you realize who your real friends are?” they asked him. With a selfie, the artist responded by looking at the camera, while he made the typical hand gesture that he shows in his photos. “One of the best things,” he wrote on the Instagram story.


L-Gante’s first interview after being released

Last Saturday, the musician gave his first interview, not to mention the brief words he exchanged with the press upon leaving the Quilmeño office. He did it in dialogue with Luis Ventura and his team True Secrets (America), through a video call in which he thanked the president of APTRA for the support he gave him during all this time.

“How did you experience the moment of hugging Jamaica?”, Ventura wanted to know, in relation to the reunion with his affections. “Mortal, I noticed she was very happy, very happy, and so was I. It was staying with her that made me take everything so calmly and start thinking about all this,” he said regarding the forces he used during her arrest.

Asked about the obstacles and postponements of his freedom, the musician said: “You can imagine that several times I got excited, but especially because of the rumors that appeared on television. I was inside, thinking, and I tried not to let it consume me when I’m going to go out, and take advantage of the time to give it a good performance and get stronger.“, he pointed.

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