Lionel Messi surprised everyone and spoke in English!, thanks to AI

Lionel Messi surprised everyone and spoke in English!, thanks to AI
September 11, 2023 – 1:17 p.m.

The Argentine star showed himself in a very different way than we know him, and his video spread around the world. Look.

Lionel Messi He was characterized by avoiding speaking in English in every interview given to an international media. Uncomfortable at times, the Argentine star always prioritized expressing himself in Spanish despite the recurring insistence of American or British journalists.

He even avoided speaking in Chinese despite the help of the drivers and translators. But incredibly and thanks to technological innovation driven by the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the best player in the world appeared in a recent press conference he gave at the Inter Miami speaking in English!

Messi managed to speak in English

Since his arrival at Inter Miami of the United Statesmany imagined that Lionel Messi would start speaking in English, Despite the Latin influence that the city has Florida.

But that didn’t happen, although it did. Because if we see the incredible work that the user did Javier Fernández (@javifernandez) on Twitter, Messi spoke the language perfectly.

As expected, the video quickly went viral and the impact became so significant that it reached all parts of the world.

Messi will play against Bolivia

With Lionel Messi confirmed by coach Lionel Scaloni, the Argentine National Team arrived at the hotel yesterday Bolivia to spend the next two nights at more than 4,200 meters above sea level in preparation for the match against the locals for the second round of the Qualifiers for a place World Cup Mexico, United States and Canada 2026.

“Messi is going to travel. Today he trained differently but is fit to travel. There are still two days left until the game and we will make the decision tomorrow or on Tuesday as to whether he will play,” said Scaloni when asked about the situation of the Argentine star during the press conference he held yesterday at noon.

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