Prince Harry at the Invictus Games: The most beautiful moments in Düsseldorf

Prince Harry at the Invictus Games: The most beautiful moments in Düsseldorf

Prince Harry is once again causing a stir – but for once in a positive sense and without the focus on the British royal family. The Invictus Games 2023 are currently taking place in Düsseldorf. A sports competition for war veterans, founded by Harry himself.

The Bundeswehr writes on its homepage about the games: “For the athletes from 21 nations, the Invictus Games 2023 mark a decisive step on their very personal path to rehabilitation. With top sporting performances, they show themselves and the world that even difficult blows of fate happen “With their courage and persistence, they become role models: for people who have experienced similar things and are looking for support – but also for people who have so far been spared from accidents or war injuries.”

Prince Harry came up with the idea on a flight home from the war

Prince Harry, who served twice as a soldier in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013 and, according to his own statements, had to kill 25 people in combat there, feels a strong connection to wounded comrades due to his ten years in the military. The idea for the competition for war veterans came to him on the flight back from his first deployment. He flew back with his comrades unharmed and with three seriously injured people.

“This flight marked the birth of the Invictus Games. Harry had never seen so closely the injuries that improvised explosive devices cause. It became clear to him that the lives of his comrades would no longer be the same. The images and thoughts never left Harry. He wanted to find answers to how soldiers find their way back to life after the most serious injuries and psychological trauma,” it says on the event’s homepage.

Until September 16th, around 500 athletes will compete against each other in more than ten different disciplines. The games for 2023 will end with a big farewell party on Saturday evening. Among those present will be German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Prince Harry, who will give a speech and provide an outlook on the upcoming Invictus Games. Also a special act is pop star Rita Ora, who will perform six songs for those present at the end.


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