Monarchy: Swedish King Carl Gustaf celebrates his 50th anniversary on the throne

Monarchy: Swedish King Carl Gustaf celebrates his 50th anniversary on the throne

It is a joyful and music-filled day that sweetens the Swedish king’s golden jubilee on the throne. Half a century on the throne is celebrated with great solemnity.

The mild smile on the monarch’s face should leave no doubt as to what he thought of this solemn day: with plenty of music and guests of honor from all over Northern Europe, Sweden’s King Carl XVI. Gustaf celebrated his golden jubilee on the throne.

After 50 years on the throne, the 77-year-old attended, among other things, a ceremonial changing of the guard in Stockholm before appearing in a good mood on the palace balcony alongside his assembled family. In the evening he wanted to address the people in a televised speech before an anniversary dinner awaited him.

Carl Gustaf became King of Sweden after his grandfather’s death on September 15, 1973. He was only 27 years old at the time. The fact that he was thrown into royal responsibility so early was also because his father died in a plane crash in Copenhagen in 1947. Carl Gustaf was only nine months old at the time.

Swedish monarchy very popular today

The Swedish monarchy was in crisis at the time. Today, however, the royals of the Scandinavian EU country enjoy great popularity. This is largely due to Carl Gustaf’s wife, Queen Silvia (79), who comes from Heidelberg and whom the Swede met at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Her three children – Crown Princess Victoria (46) and her siblings Prince Carl Philip (44) and Princess Madeleine (41) – have also contributed to the great popularity of the Swedish court.

Carl Gustaf himself earned the respect of Swedes during his five decades on the throne. Today he is the longest reigning monarch in Swedish history. In general, he is one of the longest-serving officials in the world – in European terms, only Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II (83), a cousin of Carl Gustaf, with over 51 years on the throne, towers over him.

Margrethe honored Carl Gustaf with her presence on Friday, as did the heads of state of the other Nordic countries, Norway’s King Harald V (86), Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö (75) and Icelandic President Gudni Jóhannesson (55).

Congratulations from the Federal President

Germany’s Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had already sent his congratulations to Stockholm in advance. “In the half century of your reign, you have been able to give the citizens of Sweden support and orientation in a changing, united Europe – true to the motto under which you have based your reign: “For Sweden – with time” “, Steinmeier paid tribute to the jubilarian. “This not only requires intelligence and hard work, but above all it requires an inner attitude that particularly characterizes you, Your Majesty – self-confident and calm at the same time. I have the greatest respect for that.”

Hundreds of onlookers also paid their respects to Carl Gustaf, who watched the celebrations at the castle tightly packed, some with blue and yellow Swedish flags in their hands. A highlight were the songs that a choir consisting of 130 children and young people sang in the king’s honor in the afternoon. These included the classic “Kungssången” (King’s Song) by CVA Strandberg and Otto Lindblad and “Vi är blommor” (We are Flowers) by Georg Riedel.

Music had already played a defining role at the previous changing of the guard in front of the royal palace. Several bands played music for the monarch after there had been a lot of singing at a celebratory service in the castle church in the morning.

More celebrations on the weekend

After the actual anniversary day, the celebrations continue for another day. Together with Queen Silvia, Carl Gustaf will ride through the center of the Swedish capital in a horse-drawn carriage on Saturday. A free concert in front of the castle will conclude the anniversary afterwards.

The two-time Swedish Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen (“Euphoria”, “Tattoo”) is scheduled to appear, among others.

Source: Stern

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