Moths or belts? That’s why T-shirts so often tear at the stomach

Moths or belts?  That’s why T-shirts so often tear at the stomach

That’s where the little annoying holes in the T-shirt really come from.

Holes in T-shirts are annoying – and can cost a lot of money in the long run. But why do T-shirts tear on the stomach so often? Moths are often blamed for the holes – wrongly. The insects prefer sweat residue in the armpit regions of T-shirts. The animals also like silk and wool better than the synthetic material of most T-shirts. Another suspect: the washing machine. However, the washing machine drum is extremely rarely the reason. When washing, the fibers of clothing swell and stretch. Weak fibers can tear. The washing process only makes the problem visible. So are buttons, belts and zippers behind the holes on the stomach? The metal parts rarely cause a tear, but they weaken the fibers of the T-shirt through friction. The main cause of the holey stomach area is the manufacturers themselves. A low quality of cotton ensures that the yarn tears quickly due to friction. An appropriate response is therefore to complain about holey T-shirts to the manufacturer. This often works even beyond the warranty period of six months.

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