“Lakers: Time to Win” reaches its climax with the final that marked an era

“Lakers: Time to Win” reaches its climax with the final that marked an era
September 16, 2023 – 2:42 p.m.


“Lakers: Time to Win”, the series that follows behind the scenes of how the Los Angeles franchise transformed the NBA and basketball in general in the ’80s, presents the end of its second tomorrow on HBO and the HBO Max platform. season, with the representation of the spectacular first big confrontation against the Boston Celtics.

“The game of the century,” the American press called the last of that best-of-seven final in 1984 between the teams led by Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in the case of the Lakers; and by Larry Bird on the Boston side.

At that time, both teams dominated the most competitive basketball league on the planet, and the titles alternated with teams led by young superstars. However, this generation of players had not yet found themselves in a final.

The idiosyncrasy and culture of each of the two cities, located on opposite coasts of the United States, made the duel between east and west an event that far exceeded the sporting dimension, and indeed that series that extended until the seventh game did not It had a lack of emotions and drama.

The “showtime” of Magic’s Lakers (Quincy Isaiah) against the solidity of Bird’s Celtics (Sean Patrick) was a clash of styles that left no one indifferent, and that had moments both on and off the court that still remain. today they are remembered.

Created by Max Borenstein, who serves as showrunner, and none other than filmmaker Adam McKay, “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” (such as its original title in English) recovers a gallery of characters in an exaggerated and striking key. that marked an era.

Among them, and in addition to the stars of the orange ball, figures such as Jerry Buss (John C. Reilly), the eccentric businessman who owns the Lakers who led the NBA to the sport-spectacle as it is known today; coach Pat Riley (Adrien Brody), or former player and executive Jerry West (Jason Clarke).

HBO accompanies this content with the official “Winning Time” podcast, in which executive producer Rodney Barnes and sports journalist Jeff Pearlman unravel the historical events that inspired the series, and share valuable information with actors, directors and other key collaborators of the series. fiction.

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