Verona Pooth on her marriage: Franjo Pooth is “the love of my life”

Verona Pooth on her marriage: Franjo Pooth is “the love of my life”

Even after almost 20 years of marriage, Verona Pooth still raves about her husband. “Franjo is the love of my life,” she says in an interview.

Verona Pooth (55), formerly Feldbusch, has been married to her second husband Franjo (54) for almost 20 years. It was only in June that she publicly announced that the two would like to renew their wedding vows again. “Franjo is the love of my life,” the entertainer now enthuses

The Pooths “believe that only death separates us”

In 2004 they vowed to love each other “in good times and in bad times.” She took his name, but there was never a marriage contract. “We believe that only death separates us,” said Pooth. Her two “wonderful sons” San Diego (20) and Rocco (12) completed their family happiness.

Spending time with her children is a priority for Pooth, especially on Sundays: Her ritual is “mainly to do things with the family. Like a bike ride, washing the car, having a barbecue or going out on the lake in a sloop in Holland “.

Marriage to Dieter Bohlen “catapulted her to the top”

Nevertheless, Verona Pooth’s previous, short marriage (1996-1997) to pop titan Dieter Bohlen (69) remains unforgotten. This catapulted her “into the media, right to the top,” she remembers. “But don’t forget him too! The divorce was the big bang of nothingness, overnight there was no other public issue.” Pooth filed for divorce just four weeks after they married in Las Vegas in May 1996.

She was then publicly portrayed as a “stupid” for years. Today she can have fun with it: “I loved the time of underestimation. Today I rarely feel that.” The feeling of rising from the bottom to the top is “wonderful”: “I will never forget that. From little Miss Hamburg to a multimillionaire.”

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