Social works: what to do if a doctor wants to charge extra for a consultation

Social works: what to do if a doctor wants to charge extra for a consultation
September 19, 2023 – 10:29

The charging of a co-payment by health professionals adds to the increasingly expensive fees paid to social and prepaid works.

As part of the economic measures announced by the Economy Minister and President candidate, Sergio Massathere is the suspension of prepaid increase for families with income less than $2 million per month, for 90 days. As a result of this, and for some years now, many doctors began to charge a premium in their consultations and interventions.

In this scheme, where the power is usually held by the specialist wave institution, the fact that tends to lose is the patient, who is in a state of vulnerability and facing a risk situation. This, in addition to pay your social workmust face an extra who Was not planned and what is illegal.

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What to do if the doctor wants to charge a co-payment

This practice is not legalthis is provided for by the regulations of the prepaid law, and for the Superintendence of Health Servicesthe control body.

However, to those who happen to it, the indication is claim to social work. In this way, the entity must manage the situation with the provider involved, so that they stop carrying out this illegal collection.

In case the urgent attention and can’t wait to the resolution of the claim, the prepaid must refund the money paid.

If a patient has problems with medical care coverage of the National Social Work either Prepaid Medicine Entityyou can perform the claim in the Superintendency of Health Services. In this case, you need:

  • Claim form signed by the owner or, in case of urgency, by an informal manager, ratified within 30 days.

  • Photocopy of the holder’s ID

  • Photocopy of CUIL or CUIT.

  • Photocopy of the Obra Social or Prepaid credential.

  • Photocopy of the last salary receipt, or labor certification issued by the current employer.

  • If it is for the family group: Photocopy of the DNI, Photocopy of the Obra Social or Prepaid credential of the person in charge and document that proves the link (birth certificate, marriage book, certificate of cohabitation).

  • Updated medical prescription.

  • In case of Disability Problems: Photocopy of Disability Certificate (CUD).

  • Note from the provider in case of service cut-off due to Obra Social debt.

  • The procedure can be carried out at the following link: https://tramitesadistancia.gob.ar/tramitesadistancia/detalle-tipo?id=2723

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