“Adolfito” Milei divides the priests: no putting cold cloths

“Adolfito” Milei divides the priests: no putting cold cloths

The virulence of Milei’s words took on an unusual volume. The village priestswho are closest to the poor and deep people of Argentina, responded with a mass in the Virgen de los Milagros parish of Caacupéin villa 21/24 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, where Father served as host. Lorenzo “Toto” from Vedia.

For his part, the priest Guillermo Marcospokesman for the then cardinal Jorge bergoglio, gave his point of view on the matter. But he did not refer to the infamies of Javier Milei when Pope Franciscobut he gave a sermon to the village priests: “It is better that we dedicate ourselves to preaching about Jesus and his Kingdom and leave these tasks to the laity, since the Church teaches that it is the field of its competence. I write these lines to also reflect the discomfort of many Catholics who cannot write in a media outlet and they felt misinterpreted by the position and celebration that took place in the Church of Caacupé.”

Marcó says that the best thing is silence, not responding to the grievances that ultimately occurred five years ago. What Bergoglio’s former spokesperson seems to be unaware of is that the media and social networks do not distinguish hours from years. The ringing of videos, on cell phones, with statements is constant: “This Pope Francis is an idiot who defends Social Justice, he is the representative of the evil one, occupying the throne of the house of God. The Pope promotes communism and goes against the sacred scriptures… the unpresentable person who is in Rome promotes poverty, promotes poverty, promotes misery… he promotes a system that is rubbish, that kills people, that starves them.” .

In that same sense, the insults acquired another volume and massiveness when Milei stopped being just another citizen, to become a candidate for president of the Nation. Even more so, when he has the possibility of being one.


That’s when the father “Pepe” and the priests who live in the towns called for a popular mass. It could not be otherwise, the mass was the catalyst for popular indignation at the grievances against Francis. The place could not be other than Villa 21. Corridors and corners of the popular neighborhood that Bergoglio knows like few others.

In his homily, José María “Pepe” Di Paola He stated that “it is unworthy of a candidate to say what he says against the Pope and go against the social justice that is part of the gospel and the social doctrine of the church” (…) “the attack goes towards the roots of faith and humanism. I understand the angry vote for the ruling class, but it is necessary for politicians and all candidates to put the agenda of the popular neighborhoods on their desks,” and he highlighted the importance of “the presence of the intelligent and present State in the neighborhoods.” “.

Former spokesperson Marcó responded (in Clarín as Infobae) disqualifying the mass in the town: “The mass of reparation to Pope Francis -said- organized by the village priests did not convince many members of our communities. Some even felt upset.” He sought to distance himself from the priests of the poor town by pointing out: “I don’t like Javier Milei’s ways, but our parishioners have the freedom to vote for whoever they want.”

Marcó avoids responding to the proposal of Father Pepe and the village priests, pointing out that it is Milei’s “way” that is questionable. While Di Paola maintains that it is the grievances and insults that are unacceptable: “The Pope is the evil one on earth and a h… of b… who goes around proclaiming communism around the world and that social justice is shit.”

Naturally within the church there are different opinions on how to approach a debate, what is unusual is that the former spokesperson, instead of contributing to supporting Pope Francis in the face of a brutal attack, dedicates his time to publicly criticizing those who defend him. And what is worse, with a notable lack of respect and perverse irony to those who put their body and soul in the villages accompanying the most needy families in our country.

From the United States the journalist Tucker Carlson shared this Thursday an interview he conducted with presidential candidate Javier Milei. The libertarian launched his poisoned darts again against the Pope Francisco. To the insults indicated above he added that: “Pope Francis has an affinity for murderous communists. In fact, he does not condemn them and he is also quite condescending towards the Venezuelan dictatorship.” and reaffirmed the concept: “He is condescending to all those on the left, even if they are true murderers. But he is also someone who considers social justice as a central element and that is very complicated.” Insults that were made a few hours ago, not in 2019. Now, Father Marcó will be able to express his disagreement with Milei “Adolfito” and not with the father Pepe Di Paola.

In the absence of spokespersons (sic), it was the Pope Francisco the one who went out to face the many Javier Milei of the world and it was the priests of the villages who put their faces in Argentina expressing popular repudiation and solidarity with the Successor of Peter.


Father Pepe was very clear: “In Javier Milei we find insults and grievances that are very particular, for example: The shit about social justice. Or talk about Pope Francis being Satan and that he is on the throne of God. There are things that affect Catholicism, because for us today the successor of Peter is Francis. “The Pope for Catholic law is always the one who leads the flock of the Church.”

It is likely that the former spokesperson represents sectors of the Church that prefer to keep their mouths shut and act distracted, there is everything in the Lord’s vineyard. But the priests who emerged with the support of Francisco more than 20 years ago in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are unlikely to stay still.

The priest Guillermo Marco He titled one of his articles: “The urgency of putting cold clothes on the campaign”. It seems not to be Pope Francis’ idea.

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