Andrés Duprat will continue to lead the MNBA

Andrés Duprat will continue to lead the MNBA

Andrés Duprat was confirmed yesterday to continue his management as director of the National Museum of Fine Arts for four more years, as a result of the contest that was launched on June 30, according to the Minister of Culture of the Nation, Tristán Bauer, who had in charge of the final election from the shortlist of applicants raised by the selection committee.

With 87.9 points, Duprat was the second highest-scoring candidate, behind María Isabel Baldasarre, national director of Museums, and ahead of Mariana Marchesi (83.9), current artistic director of the institution. Born in La Plata in 1964, the current director, in addition to his training as an architect, is a film scriptwriter and curator of Argentine contemporary art. He is the author of the scripts for the feature films “The Artist” and “The Man Next Door,” among others, and has been in charge of Fine Arts since 2015. Among the reasons for his decision, Bauer stressed that Duprat “carried out an important task for the proper functioning and development of the MNBA” which resulted in “increasing by 50% the number of annual visitors to the Museum compared to the values ​​prior to the beginning of his management, expanding the collection with more than a thousand pieces” .

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