Carmen Barbieri charged against Yanina Latorre: “Stupid, moron, they cheated on you”

Carmen Barbieri charged against Yanina Latorre: “Stupid, moron, they cheated on you”

This Thursday morning, Carmen Barbierihost of Mañanísima, could not contain her fury against Yanina LatorreLAM panelist and dedicated very harsh words to him.

The confrontation broke out after Latorre criticized Barbieri’s jokes about the alleged infidelity of Federico Bal and Estefanía Berardi to Sofía Aldrey.

With an energetic tone, Barbieri launched: “You know you fed me up, Latorre! Who do you think you are? The owner of the television? How long have you been on TV? Where do you come from?”.

Carmen Barbieri’s fury against Yanina Latorre

The tension increased when he expressed his disbelief at the accusations that he was making fun of Sofía Aldrey, his son’s ex: “Who are you to say that I made fun of Sofía Aldrey? I love her. She is my son’s ex, a woman I love, admire and respect. How can I make fun?”.

Barbieri defended his actions, denying Latorre’s claims: “Stupid, you are stupid, moron. Why don’t you take a good look at what we were doing? We played, we tried to make people at home laugh and enjoy themselves, and we talked about what had happened. But I never named Sofia. It was never in my head, because otherwise I would have stopped the topic so as not to make her feel bad.”

“I had a terrible time, and so did you! They screwed you…, they cheated on you. How much have you cried and suffered? What weight you will have lost! If I, who am chubby, lost weight, imagine, my love.”

Carmen, visibly upset, continued: “I’m sick of you! I’m not going to allow it, Latorre. How is your last name? Because Latorre is your husband. What’s your name, baby? Stop fucking with me… You’ve already swelled my legs… Now I’m going to judge you. This was a joke, crazy!”.

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