“The Summer House of the Stars”: Are negotiations already underway with Bushido?

“The Summer House of the Stars”: Are negotiations already underway with Bushido?

Rapper Bushido is a huge “Summer House of the Stars” fan. Negotiations with RTL are apparently already underway for next year.

Bushido (45) revealed in an interview a few days ago that he is a big fan of the RTL reality format “The Summer House of the Stars”. The station apparently quickly took notice and is said to be negotiating with the rapper about possible participation next year.

According to the daily newspaper, the makers of the show are already in contact with Buhsido. “We don’t take part in speculation, but we have to admit: it has its charm,” a spokesman for the station explained when asked.

Bushido “wants to get in there myself”

“You can see the biggest ‘Summer House of the Stars’ fan sitting here in front of you,” said Bushido. “I love that, I want to go in there myself.” The 45-year-old is convinced that he could handle the challenges of such a show well: “I wouldn’t lose myself because I’m a very reflective person and I would sit down, put my feet up and really get into it . I would just sit next to people and say nothing.” He just needs his own toilet because he can’t share it with strangers.

But as is well known, celebrity couples have to take part in the “Summer House” and it is unclear whether his wife, Anna-Maria-Ferchichi (41), would be willing to take part. She’s more into dating formats like “Temptation Island” and “Are You the One?”.

“I think that’s cool, my wife says: ‘Absolutely not.'” the rapper continued. And she is of the opinion that the two of them would go on the attack and would therefore be thrown out quickly.

The eighth season of “Sommerhaus der Stars” is currently running on RTL. New episodes are available on Tuesdays from 8:15 p.m.

Source: Stern

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