Oliver Pocher Podcast: Sandy instead of Amira – these celebrities think it’s great

Oliver Pocher Podcast: Sandy instead of Amira – these celebrities think it’s great

Instead of with Amira Pocher, Oliver Pocher is now doing a podcast with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden. What celebrities say about it…

Oliver Pocher caused a real surprise: After the separation crisis, he quickly replaced his estranged wife Amira Pocher in the couples podcast with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, better known as Sandy. As Podimo confirmed on Saturday evening, the first episode of “Die Pocher – freshly recycled” with the two of them will appear next Friday. Some celebrities have already reacted to this.

Oliver Pocher: “The podcast stays in the family”

“There will be A LOT to discuss from Friday. The podcast stays in the family,” wrote and also showed the new cover, in which Amira Pocher was replaced by Sandy Meyer-Wölden. Pocher was married to the 40-year-old from 2010 to 2014 and they have three children together. She herself shared the news in an Instagram story and said: “Because our family is ALWAYS good for surprises…”

The podcast change also surprised a number of celebrities who support Oliver Pocher. Actress Mariella Ahrens said in her posting: “How funny – cool move.” Jungle queen Djamila Rowe commented with a simple “Clever”. Musician Alec Völkel wrote: “But something from Touché. Love it.” And presenter Sophia Thomalla confirmed: “We stand behind you.” TV actor Julian FM Stoeckel finds the campaign “very funny”. There was also digital applause from artist Leon Löwentraut, and actress Joyce Ilg sent flames and a heart.

On October 24th, Pocher hosted the joint podcast “The Pochers!” with Amira Pocher unilaterally declared over. In an Instagram post, the 45-year-old wrote: “Due to the knowledge I have gained in the last few days and the resulting loss of trust, further collaboration with Amira is impossible. This ends our podcast with a final pre-recorded episode from September 11th next Friday. ” The two announced their separation at the end of August after almost four years of marriage. Together they have two small sons.

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