1:1 – Ried gave up the victory against St. Pölten late on

1:1 – Ried gave up the victory against St. Pölten late on
Fabian Wohlmuth
Image: GEPA pictures/Christian Moser
SOCCER - 2nd league, Ried vs St.Poelten
St. Pölten celebrated the equalizer in stoppage time
Image: GEPA pictures/Christian Moser

The top game of the second league started on Sunday morning between SV Guntamatic Ried and St. Pölten with a big fan choreography by the SV Ried supporters, who celebrated their long-standing fan friendship with FC Sion (Switzerland).

The Lower Austrians parted ways with the coaching duo Stephan Helm and Emanuel Pogatetz at the beginning of the week. St. Pölten’s sports director Jan Schlaudraff took an interim seat in the coaching bench of the self-proclaimed promotion aspirant.

In the 13th minute, the Innviertel team came dangerously in front of the guests’ goal for the first time. Fabian Wohlmuth’s shot went into the net, but only into the side netting. After half an hour, St. Pölten got better and better into the game. Kevin Monzialo in particular repeatedly confused the Ried defense. Ried goalkeeper and captain Andreas Leitner saved twice (32nd and 36th minutes) with strong saves in dire need. Then the Innviertel team took the reins again in front of more than 3,060 visitors in the Innviertel Arena. After two chances from Mark Grosse, it was Fabian Wohlmuth who scored the 1-0 lead for Rieder in the 45th minute after a dream pass from Nemanja Celic.

A brisk game also developed in Ried at the beginning of the second round. Both teams got in front of the goal a few times, but the big chance didn’t materialize. In the 68th minute, Belmin Beganovic finished from six meters. His shot not only went over the goal, but also over the stands. The game became more and more heated, with several referee decisions on both sides causing things to flare up.

In the 83rd minute it was once again the outstanding Ried goalkeeper Andreas Leitner who saved the game with a spectacular reflex in dire need against the alone Rio Nitta. The 29-year-old was welcomed by the loud fans. In the 88th minute, Beganovic again made it 2-0. This time his shot went wide to the right of the goal. The young offensive player would also have had the option of passing into the middle.

Ried defended with all his might, but without success. In stoppage time, substitute Din Barlov scored the late equalizer with a remarkable shot into the top corner. In the last two minutes, St. Pölten even pressed for victory. The point doesn’t help either team. GAK’s lead over Ried is eleven points and over St. Pölten it is even 14 points.

SOCCER - 2nd league, Ried vs St.Poelten
St. Pölten celebrated the equalizer in stoppage time
Image: GEPA pictures/Christian Moser

Regardless of the late and bitter equalizer, SV Ried continued the positive trend of the past few weeks in this game at a high level. From the last five games, the Innviertler team got three wins and two draws.

“We should have exploited the counterattack opportunities much better”

“It was an open exchange of blows from start to finish. We needed a very strong goalkeeper Andi Leitner today. However, we should have exploited our counterattack opportunities much better in the last 20 minutes. We have to learn from that,” said Ried coach Maximilan Senft shortly after the end of the game. Senft expressed little understanding for a referee decision made by referee Safak Barmaksiz in the second half. Reason: A tactical foul by David Riegler, who had already been warned, on Belmin Beganovic. However, the referee turned a blind eye and did not send the St. Pölten player off the field.

The Rieders will be away to the Sturm Graz Amateurs on Sunday. When asked what we could take from the top game against St. Pölten into this game, Senft replied: “We will also have several switching situations against Graz. We then have to play these out with a lot more overview and calmness.”

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