Britney Spears: She announces song “Hate You To Like Me”.

Britney Spears: She announces song “Hate You To Like Me”.

Pop star Britney Spears hasn’t made much music recently. But that could now change. She announced a new song on Instagram.

There will probably not only be reading material for fans, but also new listening material: Britney Spears announced a new song a few days after the publication of her autobiography “The Woman in Me”.

“I wrote a new song”

On Saturday, the singer surprised everyone with an Instagram post in which she announced that she had written a new song called “Hate You To Like Me.” She also shared a portrait photo of herself in which her eyes are closed.

“I wrote a new song!” Spears began her statement, then elaborated on the title with cryptic lines: “No arguments with anyone… just being a narcissist in a claimed, self-proclaimed way!” She further explained her photo choice: “It’s about creating interest by showing my ego with my eyes closed, because I hear that’s what important people do these days.” The 41-year-old did not provide any further details, such as the release date.

Britney Spears last released an album in 2016

It would be Spears’ first new solo song since the release of her last studio album seven years ago. “Glory” was the ninth studio album of her career in 2016 and contained the singles “Make Me” and “Slumber Party”. Since then, the singer has had little to say musically. She released the song “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John (76) last year and “Mind Your Business” with rapper Will.i.am (48) this summer. The single marks the duo’s fourth collaboration after “Big Fat Bass” (2011), “Scream & Shout” (2012) and “It Should Be Easy” (2013).

Second autobiography planned

Britney Spears has stayed out of show business in recent years since finishing her “Piece Of Me” tour. It lasted from July to October 2018. Nevertheless, she was omnipresent in the media – for example through her fight against her father’s guardianship, with the breakdown of her marriage to Sam Asghari and most recently with her autobiography, which was published on Tuesday. In it, for example, she wrote about her previous relationship with Justin Timberlake and revealed that she was pregnant by him at the time and had had an abortion. She has since announced that she will publish.

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