“Leviathan”: Denegri on 40 years of democracy

“Leviathan”: Denegri on 40 years of democracy
November 1, 2023 – 00:00

“leviathan”. Andrés Denegri intervenes, in his interdisciplinary exhibition, the facades of the three emblematic buildings of the powers in the country.

40 years after the return to democracy in Argentina, filmmaker Andrés Denegri focuses on the emblematic buildings of the three powers, such as the Casa Rosada, the Palace of Justice and Congress, to offer an interdisciplinary exhibition that crosses experimental film, photography and an artistic installation in “Leviathan”, which opens on Saturday at the Andreani Foundation and which aims to represent the aspects in which democracy “has not yet managed to pay off all the social debts that we have in the country”, according to the artist.

First a Super 8 movie camera stopped at the three mentioned buildings. Then, the captured images were transferred to various devices to intervene on the facades, giving rise – for example – to a Congress fragmented into thousands of pieces or to the sculpture of justice with photographic techniques that seem to give it life.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1975, Denegri is a visual artist and has worked mainly in film, video, installations and photographs. He graduated from the Buenos Aires Cinema University. He teaches classes at the Tres de Febrero National University, where he created and directs Continente, a research and production center dedicated to supporting and disseminating the audiovisual arts. Throughout his career, he received awards such as the National Hall of Visual Arts (2015), the Grand Prize of the MAMBA/Fundación Telefónica Art and New Technologies Contest (2009) and the Best Short Film Award at the Film Festival of Mar del Plata (2008).

Currently, Denegri lives near Congress and is attentive to how the landscape changes when there are demonstrations. The other two seats of power in Argentina were added to Congress. “Almost directly, we worked with the monumentality of the Palace of Justice and the Casa Rosada,” says the artist.

Source: Ambito

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