Sophie Turner spotted kissing with another man in Paris

Sophie Turner spotted kissing with another man in Paris

After splitting from Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner has now been spotted in Paris with another man. The two kissed.

Girls’ evenings with her famous friends Taylor Swift (33) and Blake Lively (36), visits to the NFL stadium and now a new man: Sophie Turner (27) has been throwing herself into it since the surprising separation from her husband Joe Jonas (34). Adventure after adventure. Now the actress known from “Game of Thrones” was spotted on a street in Paris in the arms of another man.

Who is the new man at her side?

Accordingly, the man is said to be the British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson (29). He is said to belong to one of the richest families in Great Britain and is a desirable bachelor. According to several reports, he will one day inherit the multi-million dollar Pearson empire, a major book publisher and one of the largest education companies in the world. He currently lives in London and is the director of a real estate development company. At the moment he is said to already have a fortune of 224 million pounds (around 257 million euros) and has only recently been single again.

In the photos, Turner and Pearson stand close together and exchange passionate kisses in front of a black car. Both wear dark coats and sunglasses, Turner also has a red cap on. Neither has yet commented on the photos or their alleged love affair.

Why are they both in Paris?

Both are said to have met again at the Stade de France, where Sophie Turner was able to unveil the Rugy World Cup trophy as part of a Louis Vuitton campaign. She arrived in a beige ensemble consisting of a long-sleeved blouse and skirt and knee-high black boots.

Separation from Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas had been in a relationship since 2016. Their engagement in 2017 was followed by a wedding in Las Vegas two years later. At the beginning of September, Joe Jonas is said to have filed for divorce. The couple confirmed their separation in a joint statement on Instagram. “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.”

A custody dispute quickly followed over their two daughters Willa (3) and Delphine (1), but a provisional agreement was reached in mid-October.

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