AUA among passengers back to pre-crisis levels

AUA among passengers back to pre-crisis levels
The AUA back to pre-crisis levels

Compared to the same period last year, sales rose by 8 percent to 741 million euros and the operating result (EBIT) rose by 19 percent to 128 million euros. At 4.46 million, the airline carried around as many passengers as before the crisis and 11 percent more than in the third quarter of 2022, according to the AUA announcement.

With 33,442 flights (plus 9 percent), seat kilometers increased by 10 percent to 7.74 billion. And the utilization of the 65 machines increased by 0.1 percentage points to 87.7 percent. But the airline was also able to improve in terms of regularity (99.3 percent), punctuality for departures (73.9 percent) and arrivals (81.6 percent).

“The tourist booking outlook for the winter also currently meets our expectations,” said CCO Michael Trestl. “In 2024, we want to further expand our route network with new routes and additional aircraft and further develop our clear positioning as a red-white-red constant,” said Trestl. However, business trips are still below pre-crisis levels.

“Inflation will hit us harder”

However, the AUA also referred to the challenges at the Vienna location and the rising costs: “The still above-average inflation in Austria is now having a full impact on all areas of our cost structure through indexation and wage agreements and will hit us even harder in the coming year,” said CEO Annette Mann, “In addition, Europe going it alone on climate issues will further disadvantage the Vienna hub compared to non-EU hubs from 2025,” the AUA boss further noted.

However, things are looking good for the AUA in the current financial year: for the first nine months, it reported a sales increase of 32 percent to 1.8 billion euros compared to the same period last year. The operating result turned from minus 2 million euros in the first three quarters of 2022 to 143 million euros. With 6,008 employees, the airline employs 8 percent more people than a year ago.

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