Brooke Shields: Bradley Cooper saved her after seizure

Brooke Shields: Bradley Cooper saved her after seizure

Being saved by Bradley Cooper? Some women probably dream of that. Brooke Shields recently experienced it first hand.

Brooke Shields (58) has revealed a story that no one knew before. In September, the actress suffered a seizure shortly before her new one-woman show “Prely Owned by Brooke Shields” at New York’s Café Carlyle. None other than Bradley Cooper (48) is said to have rushed to her aid there.

Brooke Shields “turned completely blue”

“I was preparing for the show and I drank so much water and I didn’t know I had a sodium deficiency,” she said. On the way to the taxi, she then noticed how she was feeling worse. “When I got to the end of the stairs, I obviously looked so strange that the people standing next to me asked me, ‘Are you OK?'” When she got to the restaurant, her vision went black.

“Then my hands fell to the side and I hit the front of my head against the wall. I had a seizure. I started foaming at the mouth and turned completely blue and tried to swallow my tongue. The next thing I know What I remember is being loaded into an ambulance and hooked up to an oxygen machine.”

“Bradley Cooper sits next to me and holds my hand”

A person in the ambulance then held her hand – it was Bradley Cooper. His assistant contacted him and Cooper was apparently right there. “And Bradley, fucking Bradley Cooper, is sitting next to me and holding my hand. […] I was really at a loss for words. But I thought to myself: This is what death must feel like. You wake up and Bradley Cooper says, ‘I’m going to the hospital with you, Brooke,’ and holds my hand.” It felt like she was going to the hospital with Jesus.

Several tests were then carried out on her there, but it ultimately turned out that she had drunk too much water, “I flooded my system”. This, in combination with a lack of sodium in the blood, urine and body, then triggered a seizure.

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