From Córdoba to the world, the best spa is Argentine

From Córdoba to the world, the best spa is Argentine
November 2, 2023 – 18:00

It is in the Azur Real Hotel Boutique, located in the historic center of the province. Their spa was recently awarded by the Luxury Spa Awards 2023.

The renowned Luxury Spa Awards 2023 nominated Baños de Azur as one of the best Spas in South America. This international award brings together the most exclusive category SPAs worldwide. On October 28 was the awards ceremony and Azur went to look for its trophy, since finally and thanks to the votes of thousands of people, it acquired the awards such as the best New Luxury Hotel with Spa and the best Spa Experience.

Azur Real Hotel Boutique, located in the historic center of the Province of Córdoba, invites you to live a 360 experience in a sequence of moments that are amalgamated and personalized for each traveler who visits the destination.

The Azur Baths were created after 5 years of design and conceptualization by the owners of Azur, who were able to travel to different places in the world to be inspired with the premise of returning to the roots and recovering the original concept of the SPA ( according to its Latin acronym: salutem per aquam). The challenge was to provide impeccable attention and create a unique and transformative experience, through a space that also summarized the history and essence of the province of Córdoba. A two-hour circuit to do privately, as a couple or in groups, with 12 stations through the water that generate thermal contrasts, awaken the senses and envelop you in an environment of sensations, sounds, aromas and flavors.

Azur Real Hotel & SPA is a boutique hotel where the luxury of authentic Cordoban hospitality, the paired and refined flavors, the history of the province and the conception of the stay as a comprehensive experience, make every detail have a story to tell, Each element and each service is the reflection of a hotel generated from the love of travel, hospitality and the passion to constantly reinvent itself.

The hotel makes each visitor feel like an honored guest, but with the warmth of a mountain home. It is an intimate space dedicated to sharing, to traveling again with each of the senses, to honor the Argentine land through authentic gastronomy and to connect with well-being, with oneself, with the body and mind.

Participating in the Luxury Spa Awards was a unique opportunity not only for Azur Hotel & SPA to be recognized, but also for Córdoba to begin to appear among wellness destinations worldwide. In this way, the province is also positioned as a must-see stop for those seeking wellness destinations in Latin America.

This award highlights the commitment and dedication of the Hotel team, as well as boosting luxury tourism in the region, attracting demanding travelers from all over the world.

Source: Ambito

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