Accountants claim that tax relief may not be such for monotributistas

Accountants claim that tax relief may not be such for monotributistas
November 2, 2023 – 18:11

Due to the lack of an adequate update of values, the measures in favor of monotributistas may not constitute an effective tax relief, according to professionals in economic sciences, but rather a deferral of controls by the Treasury.


As will be remembered, among the various relief measures that the Government ordered to alleviate the economic situation that affects taxpayers, is the General Resolution 5,421 (AFIP) that established the suspension of the systemic exclusion and the non-consideration of certain months to apply the automatic withdrawal, in the case of small taxpayers adhered to the Simplified Regime (Monotax)

Delayed moment

Following the issuance of said resolution, the Argentine Federation of Graduates in Economic Sciences (FAGCE), which brings together graduate schools from all over the country, sent a note to the federal administrator of AFIP, Carlos Castagneto, in which they point out that the suspension of the exclusion derived from systemic controls until 12/31/23 and the non-consideration of the months from October to December 2023 in the non-payment of the 10 consecutive months that trigger the automatic withdrawal of the Monotributo, may not be enough. In particular regarding the suspension of systemic exclusion.

In fact, the professionals who are part of the Federation point out that the aforementioned suspension “would only defer the moment from which the taxpayer would be excluded by law from the Regime if in the period that runs until 12/31/23 produced any of the causes provided for” in the tax law, “but without resolving the underlying issue. Among these causes are the maximum annual gross income or the maximum price for sales of movable things.

Update needed

The president of the FAGCE, Gabriela Farizano, The signatory of the note explains the concern by pointing out that “There are many small taxpayers involved who may be forced to move to the general regime in the face of a very short period provided by the law to enter the bridge regime. A setback that can be avoided with an update.”

Precisely, during the suspension period, price increases occur, without implying an increase in quantity in sales or in the provision of services, and therefore in the annual gross income parameter, simply due to the incidence of inflation. Consequently, the entity indicates that “effective tax relief would not be generated as intended by the package of measures”… “due to the lack of an adequate update of values.”

In that context, The professional federation requests that the tax administration, together with the Ministry of Economy, arbitrate the necessary means for the issuance of the regulations that allow increasing the values ​​as of 10/1/23, in the knowledge, on the part of the entity, that both the annual update and the optional semi-annual update of the PEN have already been used.

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