Getaways minutes from CABA: two reserves to reconnect with nature and calm

Getaways minutes from CABA: two reserves to reconnect with nature and calm

The springwith joy in the air and plants in full rebirth, invites you to go out and enjoy endless days with games, mates in the sun, rest and magical sunsets in the natural reserves of the Buenos Aires province. I know where to make a weekend getaway and disconnect as much as possible from the routine.

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El Destino Natural Reserve

Getaways minutes from CABA: destinations to visit this weekend

Riverside beauty

Less than 40 minutes from The Silverby Provincial Route 11there is the El Destino nature reservewhich preserves the most representative ecosystems of the Buenos Aires riverside region. The “Elsa Shaw de Pearson” foundation property is located on the Southern Coastal Park -declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve– and extends between the districts of Magdalena and Punta Indio.

The original environment is made up of beaches, floodplains, grasslands and the native logging forestThe person in charge of maintain biodiversity of fauna and flora. This species is linked to other types of plants and shrubs: sombre de toro, molle, elderberry, ombú and coronillo, whose fruit is the food chosen by the caterpillar which will then transform into the dazzling Argentine Flag Butterfly. Its slow, undulating flight can be observed from January to April.

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CG Photography

Those who visit the place will be able to observe different species of animals such as wildcat, vizcacha, mules, furry cats, skunks, ferrets, foxes, capybaras, escuerzos and frogs. People who are fond of bird watching they will meet red-crested cardinals, yerutí pigeons, doves, pirinchos, chincheros, lumberjacks, naranjeros, thrushes, herons, and kingfishers.

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El Destino Natural Reserve

Destiny It is ideal to enjoy the naturesince through the trails, the informative posters and the signage, the self-guided tours allow you to experience the riparian wildlife.

The place also preserves original buildings from the last century: a house museum modern style with influences from Bauhaus Schoolbuilt by the architect Enrique Martínez Castro in 1929; and the Campero Museum with the typical seal of the New England.

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El Destino Natural Reserve

Peace in the city

Just one hour away Federal capital there is oasis of calm, lush vegetation and native fauna: the Morón Urban Natural Reservelocated in the heart of Castelar.

It is a 14 hectare space that was created in 2012 with more than one objective: mitigate floods and soil erosion, absorb greenhouse gases and raise awareness about importance of environmental care through awareness walkseducational workshops, self-guided circuits, bird watching and guided tours.

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Municipality of Morón

“We have a sector that belongs to the pampas grassland environment which forms a relict with characteristics native to the region and houses great biodiversity,” he stated Leonela Arangurenreserve park ranger.

In a wild garden they grow native species such as quiver, Spanish flag, chilca del monte, horsetail, lady of the mountain, Santa Lucía flower, fern, jasmine of Paraguay, jasmine of the jungle and yellow lantana.

Ombúes, black acacias, molles, chañares, carob trees, araucarias, espinillos, laurels, oaks, coronillos and timboes They complete the landscape along with birds like the chingolohe bakerhe carpenterhe common hummingbirdthe large calenderhe pirincho and the common benteveo. They also live there weasels, hares, cuises, monkey lizards and snakes.

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Live the West

Visitors who walk the trails highlight the intense grovehe silence and the peace what they feel on the reservation. “They choose it because it is a green lung in the middle of the city and it has very different characteristics from a square. In summer they come to the forest to seek shelter, shade and cooler temperatures,” he noted.

Is he perfect natural environment to have some mates or enjoy lunch at the tables and chairs available on the premises. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, and holidays from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., in autumn and winter; and from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., in spring-summer.

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