Bushido and Anna-Maria visit “The Summer House of the Stars” for the podcast

Bushido and Anna-Maria visit “The Summer House of the Stars” for the podcast

Rapper Bushido really wants to take part in the RTL format “The Summer House of the Stars” as a candidate, but his wife Anna-Maria has so far refused. The couple has now visited the country house on a trial basis.

Rapper Bushido recently surprised everyone by admitting that he is a huge fan of the RTL format “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. “I swear to my mother, I really want to get in there!” he said in an interview with the radio station “Kiss FM”. He hasn’t missed an episode since the first season. “I love this,” Bushido revealed. He sees the show as a social experiment. He has not yet been able to convince his wife Anna-Maria to take part. “No, we are not in negotiations. And no, we will not take part in the show either,” she wrote in an Instagram story at the end of October.

Bushido and Anna-Maria visit the “Sommerhaus” for their podcast

However, the topic doesn’t seem to have been completely ticked off yet, because Bushido and Anna-Maria have now published a special episode of their podcast “In Bed with Anna-Maria and Anis Ferchichi”. It was created in Bocholt, where the “Sommerhaus der Stars” is filmed. The 41-year-old traveled from Dubai specifically to lie in one of the beds with her husband and play the summer house game “You Stupid Mixer”.

Bushido already has concrete ideas about how his participation in the format would work. “Imagine the two of us coming back from the game as winners because we are so smart that we were able to answer all the questions. We have general education, we did everything well, unlike the others,” says the musician. Anna-Maria doesn’t accept his argument that it doesn’t matter which other couples take part in the “summer house”. “It doesn’t matter that much,” she says.

Filthy communal toilet and dirty coffee machine

The couple is not very enthusiastic about the house itself. They discover cobwebs in the corners, the filthy shared toilet and a dirty coffee machine. “It’s just as you imagine it would be and even worse. I’m disgusted to the point where I can’t anymore,” says Anna-Maria. Bushido admits: “Even back in my teenage years, in some stoner apartments, it didn’t look as disgusting as it does here. It smells like a sewer.” Nevertheless, his fascination with the format remains unbroken. “It’s my absolute dream. I don’t know how long it will take me, but at some point I’ll have you, Anna-Maria,” he predicts.

Participation is still out of the question for his wife, and what’s more: “Now that we’re here and see how run-down everything is, I have even less desire to do it,” she says. Bushido hopes to be able to change Anna-Maria’s mind with the help of her Instagram followers. “Write her a good argument why she should go to the summer house with me. It would be my great wish,” said the 45-year-old.

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