The legend Peter Maffay gets a “Bambi”

The legend Peter Maffay gets a “Bambi”
No German artist has ever been more successful in the German charts.
Image: Uwe Zucchi (DPA)

“For more than half a century, Peter Maffay has been delighting his audience and taking them on his personal journey through life. With his music and his creativity, he has been connecting generations for 55 years,” says Hubert Burda Media’s statement.

“No German artist has ever been more successful in the German charts. Peter Maffay is a mass phenomenon. He is a legend.” According to Hubert Burda Media, Maffay has sold 50 million records in his decades-long career. With the help of his Tabaluga Foundation, he is also committed to the interests of children and young people.

The 74-year-old was amazed at the award in an interview with “bunte.de”: “This award surprises me as much as it surprises me. If the work we do together has led to the decision to honor us in this way, I would like to thank you for that. It goes out to everyone who has been part of my team for five decades.”

The “Bambi” is coming back after a year-long break and will be awarded on November 16th in Munich. There was no award ceremony in 2020, 2021 and 2022, but on the 75th anniversary of the media prize, the media group Hubert Burda Media has decided to award the prize again.

This year the “Bambi” will probably be distributed into twelve categories. Around 800 invited guests from many walks of life are expected at the gala in the Bavaria Film Studios. Sat.1 will broadcast the event live on November 16th from 8:15 p.m. The “Bambi” is one of the most important media and television awards in Germany. The award has existed since 1948.

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