Pocher separation: Thomas Gottschalk on Amira’s career aspirations

Pocher separation: Thomas Gottschalk on Amira’s career aspirations

“Oliver Pocher is a real talent,” says Thomas Gottschalk about his television colleague. His verdict on Amira Pocher is different.

Moderator Thomas Gottschalk (73) intervenes in the separation drama of Amira (31) and Oliver Pocher (45). “For my taste and for my knowledge of the television business, Oliver Pocher is a real talent. I saw Pocher live: he’s very fast, he’s very pointed and he quickly comes up with the right answers,” he says with comedian Mike Krüger (71) about his colleague.

With Amira, however, he was “always a bit skeptical,” Gottschalk continued. He believes that she “saw television as prey.” “She wanted to be a presenter and Oliver delivered [geliefert, Red.]. He made it known relatively quickly,” he concluded.

Separation announced in August

Amira and Oliver Pocher were a couple for seven years. Shortly after the wedding in October 2019, their first son was born in November. A year later, son number two followed in December 2020. In the summer of 2023, the two suddenly spoke about marital problems – at the end of August they announced their separation.

Oliver Pocher has three other children from his first marriage to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40). Since last Friday, he has also been running the “Pocher” podcast with her that he started with Amira.

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