Kaley Cuoco: Hollywood star saves stray dog

Kaley Cuoco: Hollywood star saves stray dog

Actually, Red, an older Chihuahua, was only supposed to stay with Kaley Cuoco temporarily. Now he has become a permanent member of the family.

Kaley Cuoco (37) is expanding her family with an animal companion: The “The Big Bang Theory” star has adopted an adult Chihuahua.

Cuoco shared the sweet news on social media. On Saturday she posted photos with the four-legged friend named Red. In one picture, her friend Tommy Pelphrey (41) poses with the dog on the couch. Red wears a scarf around his neck, lets his tongue hang out of the side of his mouth and looks closely into the camera. In other pictures, Cuoco has made himself comfortable on the couch with the pet and apparently can’t take his eyes off him.

Chihuahua Red should only stay temporarily

Cuoco actually only wanted to give the dog a temporary home – and now he can no longer part with him. Red was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles in July, according to a video by makeup artist Liz Rizo. Among other things, Cuoco would like to thank her “for looking for a new home for this senior Chi over the last few months. I assume he has found one.”

Kaley Cuoco: Dog lover through and through

Cuoco is a full-fledged animal lover: the family already hosted four dogs who were also rescued: Ruby, Opal, King and Blue.

Seven-month-old daughter Matilda also had to come to terms with the dog situation in the Cuoco/Pelphrey home, as the actress jokingly clarified in one: “After she was born, I thought: If this child doesn’t like dogs, I might have to send him back .” Apparently little Matilda gets along very well with the four-legged friends: “They jumped on her. They crawled over her. We let them lick her and kiss her. Our pediatrician said: ‘That’s okay’. So, They love her very much.”

Cuoco also sells dog products herself with her brand “Oh Norman”. The actress founded the company in 2023 in memory of her dog Norman, who died in 2021. She uses part of the proceeds to help rescue dogs.

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