Crime: Bruce Darnell speaks of experiences of abuse

Crime: Bruce Darnell speaks of experiences of abuse

The Family Ministry’s campaign aims to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. The choreographer Bruce Darnell supports her for very personal, painful reasons.

Choreographer and model Bruce Darnell has justified his support of a campaign against sexual abuse by saying he was a victim himself as a child. “It’s a moving story for me, because I was also abused in childhood,” he said on Monday evening at the presentation of the campaign “Don’t push away your responsibility!” in Berlin. “That’s a long time ago.” He was abused by a neighbor when he was six or seven years old and didn’t tell his parents about it. Participating in the campaign helped him love himself again.

The campaign by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the Federal Government’s Abuse Commissioner is intended to raise awareness among adults to recognize sexual abuse of children and young people. It is also about the question of what to do if you suspect something or how to talk to children about sexual violence.

Source: Stern

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