For Israel, Hamas lost control of Gaza and they are fleeing

For Israel, Hamas lost control of Gaza and they are fleeing

Through a video made by one of its officials, the Israeli government stated that Hamas “lost control in Gaza”after 38 days of conflict between that country and the Islamist movementwhich already caused thousands of displaced in conditions “inhuman”which could be seen in several hospitals in the small Palestinian territory.

Hamas, which has been in power within the enclave since 2007, has recently “lost control in Gaza” and its fighters “They are already fleeing towards the south of this territory”, according to what he said today Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallantin a video broadcast by several television channels.

For days, clashes between Hamas fighters and Israeli soldiers They gathered in Gaza City.

In the hospital of Al Shifa from the city of Loopwhich is the largest in the territory, some members of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) They warned that in that region “the situation is very serious, it is inhumane.” According to a surgeon present at the scene, “the health personnel cannot recover the dead and wounded in the nearby streets.”

“Besides We have no electricity, no food, no water. in the hospital,” according to the specialist.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict: deaths and injuries on each side

“First we slept on the streetthen I went with six other women and several children to Al Shifa,” said Miriam Jadallah, 63, in conversation with a journalist from the France Press Agency (AFP). “Now I’m there and “I don’t know where my children and my family are.”he added.

According to reports, the Israeli army, in the midst of its attacks on the Palestinian enclave, is known to have destroyed a swedish clinic located west of Gaza City.

According to Hamas, several sick people and babies They died due to lack of electricity in the hospitalwhich gives a roof to about 600 patients and thousands of civilians seeking refuge. Furthermore, the Israeli bombings They have already killed 11,240 people since October 7mostly civilians, “including 4,630 children”according to Hamas Health Portfolio.

On the Israeli side, “about 1,200 people died,” according to authorities. And the vast majority of them, like civilians killed the same day of the attackof magnitude and violence unpublished since the creation of Israel in 1948.

The Israeli army, which on Monday reported 44 soldiers killed since the start of the war, estimates that about 240 people were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip, on October 7.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuraised on Sunday the possibility of “generating an agreement to release some of the hostages,” a condition that is “indispensable”, according to him, for any ceasefire.

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