The Linz Children’s Theater invites you to a “wonderful hidden object world” for the youngest

The Linz Children’s Theater invites you to a “wonderful hidden object world” for the youngest
In many roles: Simone Neumayr and Christian Lemperle
Image: Kurt Hoerbst

Inspired by the hidden object picture books, similar to the Renaissance paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, the audience experiences a day on the “Wimmels” farm in Wimmelhausen. It all begins with the first cockcrow: “Reni, Zenzi, Lisi, Wolki, Blacki” – cows and sheep, affectionately named, have to go out to pasture and the chickens have to be fed. The day has a lot in store: a rescue mission for the Rutzenmoos fire department, the house tiger is stuck in the tree. A bicycle fall that creates tender bonds between Wilhelmine and the postman. A window pane ball accident, and finally even a treasure hunt in the pond.

It’s full of lovely ideas that the team uses to feed their collaborative work. Director Andreas Baumgartner peels the special out of the everyday for his versatile actors: Simone Neumayr is, among other things, a down-to-earth farmer’s wife as well as a fine lady, Christian Lemperle – a new ensemble force – a sporty firefighter as well as a dignified 100-year-old. Harald Bodingbauer created the large, picturesque, initially empty hidden object picture that gradually fills up: each scene is subsequently recorded with a figure. “I like, I like!” – the young audience is happy to accept the final invitation to complete the work themselves on stage.

The “completely normal” costumes come from Elke Gattinger, Karl Lindner accompanies the magic of everyday life with harmonious sounds from accordion, piano to harp, Franz Flieger Stögner immerses him in atmospheric light. (kasch)

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