Parties: Virologist Streeck wants to join the Bundestag for the CDU

Parties: Virologist Streeck wants to join the Bundestag for the CDU

From the laboratory to parliament: Hendrik Streeck, the virologist who became a face of science during the pandemic, is running for the CDU in the Bundestag.

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck wants to enter the Bundestag for the CDU. He told the Bonn “General-Anzeiger” that he wanted to run for the CDU mandate in the Bonn constituency in the 2025 federal election.

“During the pandemic it became clear to all of us that the debate culture in our country no longer works so well,” said the 46-year-old. That motivated him to seek a political mandate.

According to his own statements, the doctor joined the CDU before the pandemic. First, he is applying through the party’s internal nomination process and will introduce himself to the members of the CDU Bonn in the coming months. “I would like to represent Bonn in the Bundestag with my expertise in order to help shape the complex challenges of our time expertly and courageously,” he said.

As a doctor and scientist, he has a practical insight every day “into the huge potential of our country, which we must finally unleash again in order to lead Germany to the international top again.” To do this, you have to clearly identify problems and then solve them.

Source: Stern

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