Dating trend “Scrooging”: This is how an affair ruins your Christmas season

Dating trend “Scrooging”: This is how an affair ruins your Christmas season

The Christmas season is almost upon us and with it the absurd dating trend Scrooging. Instead of presents under the tree and cozy togetherness in front of the fireplace, this trend fuels heartache and loneliness.

Christmas songs like “It’s a rose sprung…” will soon be heard from the speakers again, but the current affair may already have sprung, because the Scrooging dating trend is particularly widespread at the most contemplative time of the year.

In November, some people who are in a long-term affair or a new relationship start to think about what the other person could give them for Christmas. Is it a piece of jewelry with initials engraved or will it be a joint event? However, very few people consider a variant. How about doing nothing at all because you become a scooting victim?

The dating trend Scrooging takes its name from the well-known book by Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” from 1843. In the Christmas story there is a character named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is described as a cold-hearted, Christmas-hating miser. And that’s exactly how the current affair could soon behave.

This dating trend doesn’t bring a merry Christmas

The dating trend means that the Scrooger is afraid of Christmas and the costs associated with it and the emotional closeness to his partner and therefore prefers to break up before the holiday. With a separation before Christmas (this can also apply to an occasion such as a birthday), a thoughtful gift from a closer affair or new relationship is expected, but this costs money or solidifies the relationship on an emotional level.

The thesis: In order to avoid both or one of both, it is better to scratch the curve before Christmas. However, many a Scrooger comes around the corner again after the family celebration, when the time of expectations in the form of gifts, closeness and togetherness is over.

Another reason for falling victim to the dating trend can be that the other person is taking a two-pronged approach and has to decide at Christmas which crush he or she will dedicate a gift to. In this case, if the choice has not fallen on you, it is clear that you have lost the race for the potential partner.

So if you notice that you have a partner who likes to start arguments before holidays when gifts are given, it could be that the other person takes the connection less seriously and you are more likely to receive heartbreak than a small present at Christmas.

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