“The Masked Singer”: Uwe Ochsenknecht was the Kiwi

“The Masked Singer”: Uwe Ochsenknecht was the Kiwi
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Image: APA/DPA/Tobias Hase

Dressed as a plush Kiwi bird, he received too few audience votes on Saturday evening and therefore had to take off his mask. “It was great fun to embody the character. I think I can do that a little better than singing,” said the 67-year-old at the end of the program.

In the fourth live show he performed the song “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol on stage. He also sang “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock in a duet with the black Mustang.

However, due to an oversight, the official unmasking wasn’t the first moment in which viewers were able to catch a glimpse of Ochsenknecht this season. The actor had already been seen briefly two weeks ago when the bird mask slipped during his appearance. ProSieben then decided not to take the Kiwi out of the race. However, the broadcaster removed the passage from the episode, which was subsequently available on the Joyn streaming platform. The Kiwi then appeared at his subsequent appearances with oversized safety pins attached to the costume.

In the show, celebrities sing in elaborate costumes. Each character also has their own little backstory. The celebrities are unmasked as soon as they don’t get enough votes or win at the very end.

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