Jeremy Fragrance: After taking a photo with right-wing extremists, he loses his show on Sky

Jeremy Fragrance: After taking a photo with right-wing extremists, he loses his show on Sky

There’s actually a reality documentary about Jeremy Fragrance on Sky right now. But now Fragrance was photographed with right-wing extremist politicians. At least at Sky that means the end of his career.

“The dazzling perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance has big plans: He wants to start his career in the USA and soon find the woman of his dreams,” says the announcement for his five-part series “Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!” on Sky. The broadcaster wants to be “close up” and follow Fragrance’s “exciting life between business events and very private moments”.

The series has been available online on Sky since mid-October and was also scheduled to start on Sky Showcase on December 18th. But nothing will come of it now. After Fragance was photographed with right-wing extremist politicians at the weekend, Sky is distancing itself from the influencer.

A spokesperson for the station commented on this star: “We clearly distance ourselves from any right-wing extremist content or statements. The reality documentary ‘Jeremy Fragrance – Power, infant!’ We will remove it from all of our offers until tomorrow. A continuation of the format and further collaboration were not planned anyway.”

Jeremy Fragrance: The photos cause his clients to turn away

Jeremy Fragrance and Gerald Grosz

The reason for this was this selfie with the right-wing extremist politician Gerald Grosz from Austria. Grosz has previously described Health Minister Karl Lauterbach as a “vaccination clown”. He also insulted Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder as a “corona autocrat”, “traitor” and “Södolf”, as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported. Söder then filed a complaint and proceedings were initiated.

Fragrance told Business Insider: He had no idea about Grosz’s views. “I didn’t know what he stood for.”

In the meantime, Fragrances Verlag has also committed itself to this star and expressed his dismay: “First of all, we would like to emphasize that Heel Verlag does not in any way identify with right-wing extremist ideas and we were horrified to learn that Jeremy Fragrance sympathizes with these right-wing extremists. We knew that he had such tendencies not known to this day.” His book “Power, baby! The Jeremy Fragrance Story” appeared.

A further collaboration with Jeremy Fragrance is “not planned” and “there will not be a reprint of the title we published”.

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